Abilene Regional Airport

Passenger Services

Passenger Services at ABI

Terminal Hours

4:30 a.m. until after last arriving flight

Free Luggage Carts

Located outside the upper level terminal entrance and at baggage carousels on lower level

Free Wireless Internet Connection

WIFI access throughout the terminal

Airport Accessibility

Interior & Exterior Escalators
Interior Elevators in terminal and gate areas

Public Telephone

Located at the Welcome Center on the lower level

Service Animals

Gate area – pet relief –
see airline or airport representative.
Airline Service Animal Policy found HERE.

Restaurant is Closed

Monday – Friday Closed
Saturday - Sunday Closed

For questions please call (325) 676-6367


The airport will offer free parking in the covered parking area for visitors who are eating at airport restaurant or shopping at airport Gift Shop. Drivers will need to get their parking tickets validated by the business staff.

Restaurant and Gift Shop are currently closed until further notice.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Gift Shop is Closed

Monday – Friday Closed
Sunday Closed
Saturday Closed

For questions please call (325) 676-6367

Car Rental Services

Need a Ride?

Available at ABI



UBER is available by app
for iPhone & Android

Taxi Service


ABI Taxi: 325-673-4700
Classic Cab CO.: 325-677-8294
Roadrunner Taxi: 325-232-3295



LYFT is available by app
for iPhone & Android

ABI’s Frequently Asked Questions

Which commercial airlines service Abilene Regional Airport?
How can I make flight reservations?

Contact your travel agent or contact:
American Airlines: 
  Call Toll-Free 1-800-433-7300 or
  Go to American Airlines Website

United Airlines:
  Go to United Airlines Website

How do I check to see if a flight has been canceled or is on schedule?

American Airlines:
 Call Toll Free 1-800-433-7300
 American Airlines Flight Status

United Airlines:
 United Airlines Flight Status

When are the ticket counters open?

The American Airlines ticket counter opens daily at 3:30 a.m. and closes after the last flight arrives.

Is there long term parking available at the airport?

No, ABI has at-the-terminal parking and is all the same rate.
See our parking rates below.

How much is parking?

See our parking rates table below.

Do you exchange foreign currency?

No, we do not. But these local banks do:
  Bank of America (325-690-6200)
  Chase Bank (325-674-3900)
  First Financial Bank (325-627-7200)
  Happy State Bank (325-698-2265)
  Prosperity Bank (325-794-1000)

What is permissible through the TSA Security Checkpoint?
What is the baggage policy?

 American Airlines:  Checked Baggage Policy

 United Airlines:  Baggage FAQs

What if I lost my baggage?

American Airlines:
 American Airlines Bag Tracker
 American Airlines Baggage Customer Service: 1-800-535-5225

United Airlines:
 Baggage Tracing
 Baggage Information

I have a Drone, where can I fly it?
Who do I contact for lost and found information?

Lost items in the terminal?
  Airport Administration phone: 325-734-5309
  or email abiairport@abilenetx.gov

Lost items on the airplane?
  American Airlines Lost & Found
  United Airlines Lost & Found

Who is eligible for the ABI-VIP Rewards program?

Anyone departing Abilene Regional Airport!

EXCEPTIONS: City of Abilene employees, City Council members, Airport Development Board members, or American Airlines employees.

Click for more information about ABI-VIP Rewards

Is there city permitted taxi service to and from Abilene Regional Airport?


  • Uber, Lyft
  • ABI Taxi:  325-673-4700
  • Classic Cab CO.:  325-677-8294
  • Roadrunner Taxi:  325-232-3295
Does the airport have storage lockers for luggage or personal items?

No, Abilene Regional Airport does not have storage lockers in the terminal.

Who do I contact after the airport has closed in case of an emergency?

Airport Operations phone: 325-676-6369;
or call 911 for Fire or Medical emergencies.

Why does Abilene Regional Airport (ABI) only have one airline?

ABI would love to have more! The City staff of Abilene Regional Airport work diligently at attracting another airline to service Abilene and its surrounding areas. By working with airline and airport industry professionals ABI campaigns to other airlines to bring their service to the airport. ABI applies for federal grants to potentially subsidize an airline for revenue guarantee, request airline headquarter meetings and attend industry conferences where staff members can meet with airline representatives. ABI is tireless at aiming to prove to another airline service provider that our community will and can support the extra service.

I have a crane going up within 5 miles of the airport, who should I call?

Call Airport Operations 325-676-6369.
– Please have height and location available for this call.
– A beacon or flag is required to be on the crane.

How do I apply for a job/employment at the airport?

City of Abilene jobs and applications posted at City Hall itself at 555 Walnut St or online at  https://www.abilenetx.gov/city-hall/departments/human-resources

If you are looking for a job with American Airlines (Envoy) or Eagle Aviation Services, Inc (aircraft maintenance): https://www.envoyair.com/careers/

Transportation Security Administration (TSA): https://www.tsa.gov/about/jobs-at-tsa 

Parking Rates

Time Rate
0 – 1/2 hours FREE
1/2 – 1 hour $3.00
1 – 2 hours $4.00
2 – 4 hours $6.00
4 – 6 hours $7.00
6 – 24 hours $9.00

EACH DAY AFTER $9.00 per day.

*Curbside loading and unloading of vehicles is permitted provided a driver remains with his or her vehicle.* Any automobile left unattended will be TICKETED and TOWED.

Following Exemptions to paying parking fees are approved, City of Abilene resolution found here:

  1. Disabled Veterans in the parked vehicle with “DV” license plates
  2. Purple Heart, Prisoner of War and Medal of Honor Holders in the vehicles with such designated license plates

Vehicles taller than 10 ft. or over-sized vehicles (i.e. tractor trailers, RV’s, etc) will need to contact Airport Operations in advance of parking at the airport.

Airport Operations: 325-676-6369

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