ABI reminds new drone owners to register with FAA

If a new drone is on your gift list this year there are a couple of things Abilene Regional Airport wants to remind you of before taking off for that first flight.  

Unmanned aircraft systems, commonly known as drones, are popular gifts, and new owners will need to download the free B4UFLY App from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  A new owner is a  “recreational drone operator” and is responsible for registering the device and learning where the machines can be flown safely.

“This time of year we tend to see more drone activity,” said Don Green, Director of Transportation Services “While we are always happy for more people to grow an interest in aviation, it’s essential to the airport’s and Dyess’ safety that drone operators know a couple of ‘rules of the sky’.

To register and find safe places to try out the new gadget, download the free app, B4UFLY, on Google Playstore or Apple App store.  Registration of your new drone is easy and the notification to the FAA to fly the drone is also simple.  The app can use the location where you want to fly and determine the proximity to protected airspace and coordinate your flight with Air Traffic Controllers.  

The B4UFLY app features these important tools:

  • A clear “status” indicator to inform the operator if a location is a safe space to fly.
  • Informative, interactive maps with filtering options.
  • Information about controlled airspace, special use airspace, critical infrastructure, airports, national parks, military training routes and temporary flight restrictions.
  • The ability to check whether it is safe to fly in potential locations by moving the location pin.
  • Links to other FAA drone resources and regulatory information.

More information can be found on the Federal Aviation Administration website: https://www.faa.gov/uas/recreational_fliers/where_can_i_fly/b4ufly/

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