The City of Abilene will receive sealed, written Proposals in the Purchasing Office, 555 Walnut, Room 201-A, Abilene, Texas 79601, until Thursday, September 20th at 4:00pm for the following project:


The City will return unopened any Proposal received after Proposal closing time.

A pre-Proposal meeting will be held on ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm., in the Abilene Regional Airport’s Conference Room, Lower Level at 2933 Airport Blvd, Abilene, TX to review the scope of the project and answer any questions prospective Proposers may have concerning specifics of the project. The Contractor or his designated representative may attend.

Contract documents, including plans and specifications, are on file and may be examined without charge in the Purchasing Administrator’s Office at 555 Walnut, Room 201-A, Abilene, Texas 79601 at (325) 676- 6226 or at the Abilene Airport Administrative Office, 2933 Airport Blvd, Abilene, Texas at (325) 734-5309.

Proposal documents are available at and These documents may be downloaded by selecting this project from the link listed under the “Latest News” link.  Request for Proposal, Sample Contract Document, FAA General Provisions attachment and FAA General Provisions attachment are available to download.


Contact Information: 325-676-6226 325-676-6224 325-676-6368

A cashier’s check, certified check, or acceptable Proposal Bond, payable to the City of Abilene, Texas, in an amount not less than five (5) percent of the base Proposal submitted, must accompany each Proposal to guarantee that, if awarded the contract, the Proposer will, within 15 days after receiving Notice of Award, enter into a contract, provide an acceptable Certificate of Insurance, and execute bonds on the forms provided in the Contract Documents.

Performance and Payment Bond information is found in the Instructions to Proposers.

All Proposals must comply with specifications. All Proposals must remain open for 60 days after Proposal opening.

The City of Abilene reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to award the proposal considered most advantageous to the City of Abilene.

It is the policy of the Department of Transportation (DOT) that disadvantaged business enterprises as defined in 49 CFR Part 23 shall have the maximum opportunity to participate in the performance of contracts financed in whole or in part with Federal funds.

The proposed contract is subject to the Buy American provision under Section 9129 of the Aviation Safety and Capacity Expansion Act of 1990. Details of such requirement are contained in the Specifications.

All proposers shall make good faith efforts, as defined in Appendix A of 49 CFR Part 23, Regulations of the Office of the Secretary of Transportation, to subcontract 2.73% percent of the dollar value of the prime contract to small business concerns owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals (DBE). In the event that the proposer for this solicitation qualifies as a DBE, the contract goal shall be deemed to have been met. Individuals who are rebuttably presumed to be socially and economically disadvantaged include women, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans and Asian-Indian Americans. The apparent successful proposer will be required to submit information concerning the DBE’s that will participate in this contract. The information will include the name and address for each DBE, a description of the work to be performed by each named firm, and the dollar value of the contract (subcontract). If the proposer fails to achieve the contract goal as stated herein, it will be required to provide documentation demonstrating that it made good faith efforts in attempting to do so. A Proposal that fails to meet these requirements will be considered nonresponsive.

The proposed contract is under and subject to Executive Order 11246 of September 24, 1965, and to the Equal Opportunity Clause. The Proposer’s attention is called to the “Equal Opportunity Clause” and the “Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications” set forth in the Specifications.

The Proposer must supply all the information required by the proposal form.

The successful proposer will be required to submit a Certification of Non-segregated Facilities prior to award of the contract, and to notify prospective subcontractors of the requirement for such a Certification where the amount of the subcontract exceeds $10,000. Samples of the Certification and to Subcontractors appear in the Specifications.

Women will be afforded equal opportunity in all areas of employment. However, the employment of women shall not diminish the standards or requirements for the employment of minorities.

For contracts of $50,000 or more, a contractor having 50 or more employees, and his subcontractors having 50 or more employees and who may be awarded a subcontract of $50,000 or more, will be required to maintain an affirmative action program within 120 days of the commencement of the contract.

Pre-award Equal Opportunity Compliance Reviews. Where the Proposal of the apparent low responsible proposer is in the amount of $1 million or more, the proposer and his known all-tier subcontractors which will be awarded subcontracts of $1 million or more will be subject to full on-site, pre-award equal opportunity compliance reviews before the award of the contract for the purpose of determining whether the proposer and his subcontractors are able to comply with the provisions of the equal opportunity clause.


Compliance Reports. Within 30 days after award of this contract, the contractor shall file a compliance report (Standard Form 100) if:


  • The contractor has not submitted a complete compliance report within 12 months preceding the date of award; and


  • The contractor is within the definition of “employer” in Paragraphs 2e(3) of the instructions included in Standard Form


The contractor shall require the subcontractor on all-tier subcontracts, irrespective of dollar amount, to file Standard Form 100 within 30 days after award of the subcontract if the above two conditions apply. Standard Form 100 will be furnished upon request.




Melissa Denson Purchasing Administrator City of Abilene






Associated Files:

1 Invitation for Proposals and RFP

2a RFP – Security Enhancements Audio System

2b Exhibit 1 Airport Audio Diagram Layout

2c Exhibit 2 Proposal Forms

3 Exhibit 3 Sample Contract ABI Security Enhancements- Audio System Grant 46 2018-06-11

4 FAA General Provisions

5 Special Provisions


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